Male and Female Libido Enhancement – Intermittent Fasting and Sex

While the kind of food you eat, or more importantly don’t eat, is important, it’s just as important to have periods of not eating.

The power of fasting is actually being recognised these days, though it has taken on the trendy term “intermittent fasting”, as if to indicate that you will get to eat again at some point.

I prefer to call it “cyclical fasting.” In tune with the cycles of nature.

I’m on day 2 of a fast right now, so getting pangs and feeling a little “out of it.” Haven’t done a fast in 2 years, not even sure why, just kind of forgot how good it is. Day 2 is always the worst. Apparently the “hunger hormone”, ghrelin, peaks on day 2.

And, I have to say, knowing that I don’t have to bother with eating or preparing food over the next few days is quite liberating! Feels like a “weight off” already.

Plus my voice has gotten deeper, interestingly. I remember that from my last fast, too.

You’re always either fed up or fasted

fasting yin yang

Fasting is indeed miraculous in its effects, as I found out after doing a series of 5-day fasts in 2012 after reading the works of Arnold Ehret, Louis Kuhne, Sebastian Kneipp and Herbert Shelton. Their works are all available for free at archive.org. There seems to have been a mini outbreak of good sense in Germany in the late 19th century.

Not that I agree with all their ideas now. They tend to favour fruit only, while demonising starch, which seems odd to me. They base it on the fact that starchy foods form “mucus” when they decompose. However to compare the putrefaction of, say, beef, to the wispy mold that forms on old rice doesn’t make much sense. Fruit forms mold too. It’s the presence of animal blood that, to me, is the key point in what is made for our guts.

Demonisation of carbs can be ended by going to Vietnam or Laos and observing whether the place is full of fatties. They’re not.

In the end I would say a starch diet is superior to a raw or fruit diet simply by comparing how I feel after eating say, ripe bananas versus a bowl of hot lentils. The latter leaves you feeling warm and satisfied, and the other leaving you still feeling hungry. Not that bananas are bad, they’re great, but they’re a side dish.

Those who focus on eating raw foods and fruits are certainly slim, but lack tone. I found this myself back in 2012.

Compare this to, say, Olympic sprinters who eat mountains of pasta. Or the best sprinters from Jamaica, who conquer the world based on yams, green bananas and fried dumplings.

Still, even for those who still eat dead bodies and cow discharges, a fast will help just as much as for vegans, and even more so simply because they need it more.

If You’re Looking for Fast Love

Following on from my last post on sexy vegans and biblical admonition, I’m going to touch on sexy fasting – which also has Biblical and religious grounding. Scientific, too – if you’re talking about real science and not the nonsense that usually passes for it.

Lent is a period of fasting that always precedes Easter, and coincides with the lengthening of days and the coming of Spring. Spring being of course Nature’s sexy-time, when the air literally fills with plant seed on the breeze and all the animal kingdom start getting excited.

Much is said about chocolate as being a kind of substitute for sex. But really, it’s all a substitute for sex, and when you eat you lose hunger for food, sex and adventure, and gravitate to the TV couch instead. There’s no such thing as an aphrodisiac food, there’s only Aphrodite herself – which is to say, attraction, unencumbered by mountains of undigested food in your gut.

Fasting in the mating season

Herbert Shelton wrote a book with a very interesting section on this topic, drawing parallels with the animal kingdom:

“Sexual activity seems to suspend the desire for food.”

“Physically as well as sexually active, these bulls fast throughout the mating season.”

“The male goose (gander) loses about one-fourth in body weight during the period just preceding and at the breeding season. There is a concomitant awakening of the sex instinct. This is similar to what is seen in the salmon and the seal.”

So a fasting period is a mating period. That being the case, the next time you want to get amorous, you could do worse than do a 5-day fast leading up to it.

Why 5 days? Because in my experience, and those of others, you feel worst on the 2nd day, so might as well keep going. And then days 4 and 5 are the very best. Day 6 you’re back to feeling rubbish towards the end, so it’s a good time to break the fast at this point, unless you want to go another week or so.

Fasting improves female libido and fertility

The use of Viagra for men is well known. Female libido enhancement however has always been more problematic for chemists for various reasons, some of which are outlined in Daniel Bergner’s book, What Do Women Want?.

But back to Shelton:

“I have seen impotent men regain potency during a fast and aged and long impotent men have nocturnal emissions. Young and sexually vigorous men often manifest no reduction in sexual vigor. In the winter of 1961-62 I had a forty-two year old woman who had been frigid and sexually quiescent for six years to regain sexual desire after two weeks of fasting. She retained this sexual drive thereafter.”

“One of my women patients was annoyed as much by sexual desire while fasting as while eating. Another was so annoyed by such desire, we were forced to break the fast. Desire ceased after eating was resumed.”

“One elderly patient of mine, who had been impotent for years, quickly regained virility after a fast of thirty-one days. Another case of impotency of several years duration regained potency after only a short fast.”

“The fear of permanent sterility in females, from fasting, fostered
in laboratory works on this subject, is unfounded. The fact is that we
frequently see previously sterile women conceive shortly after a fast,
even a lengthy one. One of my patients, unable to conceive for several
years, conceived shortly after a fast of forty days’ duration. Her baby
was normal in every way and presented none of the abnormalities against
which we are warned.

Another, married ten years with no conception during this time, conceived shortly after a fast of ten days. A third patient conceived at her first intercourse two weeks after a fast of thirty days. This woman had not been previously sterile. A young woman, married for several years and failing to conceive, had a fast of thirty days and conceived soon thereafter. Cases of this kind could be multiplied indefinitely.”

So who needs libido enhancers? Just fast instead.

Fasting brings back the mojo of amoebae

Now there’s a sentence which may never have been written down before.

I think the following sentence is one of the most striking in the whole book:

“Indeed, fasting often restores sexual reproduction, bringing back the male in organisms that, with abundant food supplies, reproduce asexually or parthenogenetically.”

So fasting actually brings back the male principle to organisms which are inherently hermaphroditic. That’s got to mean something.

Fasting is so powerful, it’s illegal

When professional athletes get caught using “performance enhancing” drugs, growth hormone is usually on the list.

This same hormone is found to be elevated anywhere between 600% and 2000% in fasting people. Based on multiple studies.

Read that again. That’s not 6%. Or even 60%. It’s 600, or more.

So it’s not some lab mix-up, and it’s not trivial.

Similar findings have been applied to testosterone levels.

Imagine how much you can leverage that over time, having 6 times more “sexy juice” flowing in your veins.


I’d love to hear any comments you may have. And happy fasting!



  1. Wow, this is really interesting! I’ve been wanting to try fasting for a while now but I’m still breastfeeding. It’s truly the most powerful way to heal (and bring back libido!) I’ve read.

    Have you head of the Masterfast System? I’d love your thoughts on that.

    All the best with your fast.

    • Thanks Lace – I hadn’t heard of the Masterfast System, but a quick scan on Google mentions bentonite clay, which is something I’ve been using recently and highly recommend. Best wishes to you

  2. Hello Iain, Wow, what a commentary on fasting. I am seriously considering it right now. Do you still do any specific liquids while fasting?
    And the idea of sexy juice…that might be the way to make your new fortune..lol..It also goes back to we are what we eat!
    I so enjoyed reading this article. Many thanks! ariel

    • Many thanks to you too! I like to “dry fast” as far as I can, but it’s HARD. So I usually have a strong bitter coffee or two. Ehret recommends a little fresh lemonade or orange juice. I like tea, but I’m a bit suspicious of diuretics, I think they irritate the kidneys.
      Lol yes sexy juice. I sometimes think we’re more like trees than animals, and we have to take care of our sap. Best wishes to you

  3. Iain, I was aware that food scientists had rediscovered the beneficial powers of controlled fasting. Not for nothing, in recent years weight loss diets have been developed to include short periods of fasting. I have tried one of these diets myself, and whilst it worked well initially, it soon however led me to be over hungry in days when I was allowed to eat, hence creating an unbalanced overcompensating. Never did I imagine that it has been scientifically proven that fast inhances sexual drive and performance. But I do wonder whether fast may bring unbalanced overcompensating to our sexual activity too.

    • I hear you – I’m looking forward to feasting when the fast is over, and I won’t be counting calories either! It seems more a matter of having two well-defined phases that you cycle through – fed and fasted – and nothing half-half, which perhaps confuses the body.
      As for the other thing, can one have too much sex? 🙂
      All the best to you

  4. Very interesting article IAIN, I have been reading up on a lot of things with fasting lately because I want to try my first fasting experience. I like the 5 day fasting, I do not think that I could do any longer than that for my first time. I am in a new relationship and not young anymore, but would love to enhance my l libido to have a more fulfilling relationship. Thanks again for this article, definitely will be doing the fasting for the 5 days recommended by you.

    • Thanks Bobbi, really good to hear that you’re going to try the 5-dayer. It’s not easy, I must warn you, but worth it for how you feel after. It’s like you’re investing in your body’s future. All the best for you and your new relationship, cheers

  5. Great Article Iain… Interesting you mentioned the Germans like Sebastian Kneipp… back since then there have been centers around where people like him lived to improve health by fasting… nowadays it is basically wellness temples which focus on fasting periods to let you regain health… i did a few fasts myself and I can only say there has nothing been more rejuvinating than fasting… Keep up the good work and all the best for the next few days of fasting!

  6. Very inspiring article. I used to do fasting and, indeed, it gives a boost of energy. The most difficult for me is the second day when I’ve usually started a severe headache. Do you have any suggestions how to avoid it?

    • As I write I’m feeling quite weak and a bit rubbish with a hint of a headache. And I’m quite happy about it, because to me that means it’s working. If you read Rational Fasting by Ehret you’ll know what I mean. The only way to avoid it is to break the fast, which you should probably do if you feel it’s right. No point in being masochistic about it! On the other hand, if you feel you can bear it, its like Winston Churchill said – “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” All the best

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