7 things to know if you’re buying green coffee beans online

As a vegan I still get to enjoy coffee.

And boy, do I love my morning coffee. I wouldn’t say I need it, but I really enjoy it.

If you’re thinking of buying green coffee beans online, you might want to read this little guide, because they’re something I’ve recently discovered.

Coffee is fruit

To be more accurate coffee is the pit, or stone (or “cherry”) of a berry. So it’s kind of like a hot apricot kernel smoothie!

Because of this I’ve been quite interested in green coffee beans for a while.

Green is good

I’m actually interested in any kind of green food. There’s a certain magic to them, and I think they have a special place in our diet. They’re very “detoxy” and supportive. One such example is green bananas. If you boil or steam a green banana for 15 minutes, you get something entirely different from a ripened soft sweet yellow banana. It’s starchy, tastes like a parsnip, and is like rocket fuel for your energy.

Green coffee beans are a similar thing – they’re immature or unripe coffee stones. And they have entirely different qualities to the matured and roasted type.

Beans, powder or pots

You can get either big bags of the stuff – whole or ground – or pots of the extract, like supplements.

There’s been a certain amount of controversy with green beans. Dr Oz has promoted them passionately, and come under fire somewhat for doing so. There’s no studies as yet testifying to their benefits, but then there’s probably no studies on green bananas either, and Usain Bolt grew up on them, so.

Weight loss with green beans?

The big sell with respect to green coffee is something called chlorogenic acid, which is the alleged antioxidant which burns fat. This acid is not present in regular roasted coffee.

So anyway this stuff is supposed to burn fat. Maybe it does. Anything which acts in tandem with your body naturally, will help you move towards your natural weight and body tone.

Anyway it’s certainly worth a try as a “detoxer.” Some people even use it as an enema.

But I first tried it because I like to try cool new stuff. And I’m a, y’know, happy healthy whole-plant vegan type. And I’m hooked.

It Tastes Amazing (To Some People!)

It’s different to regular coffee, of course. I brew it in a cafetiere (French press) as I do with regular coffee, just letting it steep for a couple of minutes. It’s green when brewed, unsurprisingly, and it’s milder and sweeter than regular coffee. Smoother as well. Herbal, pleasant and… “green” tasting. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but I really enjoy it.

In fact in some moods I prefer it to regular coffee. Many other people do too.

Some people don’t like the taste outright, but do like it with a squeeze of lemon.

It certainly gives you energy. The boost it gives you can last all day, even on just one or two cups, and feels very “clean.” So it’s powerful.

And it does reduce apetite and hunger pangs, so that would back up the weight loss claim.

It actually reminded me of yerba matte, which you’ll know about if you’ve visited Argentina or Southern Brazil. Like, a clear kind of mental energy without the nervous tremors that regular coffee can give you! Good for clearing “brain fog.”

Sometimes I do a half-half: half regular coffee, half green coffee. But then I like my mad scientist potions.

I will say though, watch out because it’s a powerful diuretic, like tea. You’ll need to make sure you have time to go to the bathroom after drinking a cup.


My current favourite green coffee powder is a Honduras Highland. You can get it here on Amazon.

But they also do whole beans that you can prepare yourself. You can either roast them and grind them, or just grind them. I’ve tried both and like it both ways. Either way you get a real gournet treat, better than anything from any coffee shop in your area. You won’t regret it.

As far as supplements go, I haven’t used any but GloryFeel are very well rated.

Conclusion – Green Coffee Rocks

If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go.



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